5 Tips For Designing The Dog Pets

Pet shop in Dubai

Dogs are the most friendly and adorable pet humans can ask for. They learn easily and love you unconditionally. They obey your commands happily and are fun living around them. Dog pets are an integral part of family, the intimacy gets stronger with time. Designing a friendly space for your dogs is the least that you can do for them. Dogs are also known to be notorious at times, they love grabbing things within their reach and running with it around the house. They are full of energy and love, and sometimes they can cause an uninvited loss by breaking a valuable thing or tearing an expensive carpet etc. Like each family member your pet dogs too need their own personal space. Thus designing an appropriate dog home and moulding your own house to make it safe and comfortable for your pet dog becomes necessary. Pet corner at its online pet shop Dubai supplies all dog equipments and necessary accessories at reasonable prices. for your  Here are top 5 tips for designing the perfect Dog pets space:

  • Keep expensive material out of reach: Using inexpensive items is the key to avoid any unfortunate events. Low cost carpets, rugs and mats are a good option to avoid loss due to your Dog’s love of biting and tearing it out. Use materials that are unbreakable and doesn’t cause your dog any physical harm. Use canine friendly material on couches and curtains.
  • Set up a Dog space at an appropriate place in your home: This is the most important part considering your dog’s requirements. The dog space must be set up near an entry to the house, so that your dog can easily go out and come back to the assigned area. It makes it convenient for them to perform lavatory actions, like peeing and defecating. They can easily play around in the open area. Keep your dog’s leash near the door and make it flexible so that it can have maximum area for movement.
Pet shop in Dubai
                     Pet shop in Dubai
  • Setting up a dog house: The dog house must have enough space for your dog to lay down properly and use comfy and sturdy material for the flooring. It must have proper entrance and ventilation. The dog bowls should be of unbreakable material. Keep dog blankets, coats and collars to keep your pet dog comfortable and safe.
  • Safe and enjoyable outdoors: Your dogs playing area should be designed accordingly keeping your dog’s safety in mind. Keep toxic plants and foliage away from your dog, proper fencing and gentle grass should be implemented into the playing area. And keep the playing area clean and remove every harmful substance from the garden.
  • Proper Grooming and feeding: Like us humans, our pet dogs also need proper grooming from time to time. Regularly bathe your dog and remove extra hairs and nails to keep your dog healthy. A proper food routine should be followed for your dog’s healthy development, include evening and morning snacks recommended from vets.

Thus, designing your dog pets space in a friendly way is a nice way to thank the best friend friend of man, and it is also a fun activity.  Pet corner in Dubai helps provide all dog pet items ranging from bowls to collars and dog home decor materials. They also provide quality food products for your dog.

Types of Flooring.

Wooden Flooring Dubai

Flooring is that component of a household which cannot be overlooked as it adds a lot of value to the internal aesthetics of a house. Out of various types of flooring options available, wooden flooring in Dubai has now become the favorite option for people. Now you can choose the best quality wooden flooring in Dubai from never ending range of Leeds Furnishing

Let’s have a look at the various styles of popular flooring styles prevalent in Dubai: –

Types of wooden flooring:

  • Hardwood flooring: This type of flooring exudes warmth and luxury. It also gives your interiors a posh and elegant look. However, a few drawbacks do exist in the case of wooden flooring. It could be a little difficult to maintain and also is relatively expensive. But its benefits justify the increased cost.
  • Carpet flooring: This type of flooring is also known as textile flooring. This thick covering on the floor is usually made out of wool or synthetic materials.
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
  • Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a type of resilient flooring. However, there are also different kinds of Vinyl flooring depending on manufacturing process as well as content. Vinyl flooring offers its buyers a wide range of colors. Vinyl flooring provides comfort like no other type of flooring can. It is also easy to install and more affordable. However, maintenance is a fundamental challenge of owning Vinyl flooring because repairs are difficult, and it is prone to fading of color. Still, vinyl flooring remains to be a popular choice among the public.
  • Stone flooring: People tend to opt for stone flooring as there is such a wide range of options to choose from. Right from marble to slate tile, there are tons of different types of stone flooring, each of them having a unique appearance. People tend to prefer this option because of its high durability and value for money. This feature makes it very easy to maintain. It is suitable for both commercial and residential landscapes.
  • Parquet Flooring: From the old French word ‘parchet’, which means a small compartment or part of a park/theatre, we derive the word Parquet. Parquet flooring is patterned wooden flooring. It is composed of strips of wood to form a pattern. Sometimes, this type of flooring contains inlays of other woods or even other materials to add an extra edge to the aesthetics.

If you are confused about which one to choose from these different types of flooring and want more information, contact the customer service of Leeds Furnishing for in depth information. Their knowledgeable staff would undoubtedly aid you in making choice for flooring that will suit your home and your lifestyle.


List of top fit out companies in Abu Dhabi

Interior Decorator Dubai

Fit out is a term that is used to define that process which involves the inner decoration of any office or building. It involves the process of making that particular space suitable for working and usage. It is often used in terms of official works where the basic building is constructed and the interior decoration is handed over to some other company to make it presentable. An interior fit-out company is a contractor that constructs the interior divisions of a building, rooms, walls and all that.

There are several fit out companies operating all over the world who have done a fantastic job is recreating and beautifying a building. Many are established in Dubai and carry out the fit-out work there. Here’s a list of top office fit out companies:


HortonTech is a global, family-owned company that was launched in 2012. It is a British-led company that has successfully managed to introduce international standards to the current markets through their “Passion for Perfection” ethos. The firm is rapidly gaining a standard reputation for its quality, standard of services and timely and budget friendly project delivery system.


This group’s core value of delivering excellence provides a comprehensive range of services internationally for interior fit-out to resorts, hotels, restaurants, corporate- houses, residential and commercial clients. Since the company’s inception in 1987, The FITOUT has managed to establish itself as a leading and most preferred companies to provide complete interior services in accordance with the highest standards of excellence and creativity.

Interior Decorator Dubai
                   Top fit out companies

Broadway Interiors

If one is looking for interior fit out companies in Dubai, then Broadway interiors is a wise choice. This company fashions a team of the brightest interior consultants and planners in Dubai. Whether you are looking for interior decoration, commercial Interior Design, restaurant interior design, official interior design, all is provided by this company.

Broadway Interiors in its career has catered from large companies to residential spaces in Dubai. The company has over 15 years of experience and has managed to complete more than 700 projects. From educational institutes to Hospitality and corporate offices, this company has managed to create a major milestone in the field of fit out services.


KPS is a global company specializing in providing interior construction services within the office, hospitality, retail, food, technology, education and healthcare sectors. It is one of the largest privately owned interior construction companies in Dubai with a huge turnover.

Over the past two decades, KPS has managed to earn a reputation for consistently delivering quality output and results, on time and on the budget for thousands of clients across the Middle East.

Summertown Interiors

Summertown Interiors offers superior quality interior solutions and is the first fit out contractor in Dubai. The team of Summertown comprises of designers, planners, and project managers who interact with the client and understand his requirements and give suggestions before and during the project development stage. Their clients consist of leading global companies to government authorities and local enterprises.


Tips to take care while picking out a spa architect.

Spa interior design

Spa is a place where you can relax and let go of everything that has been stressing you out. Relaxing at a spa is considered to be one of the best ways you can wind yourselves down. Setting up your own spa is indeed going to be a tough job. But besides the packages, facilities and the experts whom you are going to employ, the looks of the place also matter a lot. Remember, people are coming over, so they can relax and loosen up. A calming atmosphere, somewhere they can forget about everything and feel like they are free and independent. A spa should give that feeling of serenity, as soon as someone steps into it. That is why you should hand over the job of designing a spa to a popular spa architect. CK hammam provides you with spa architects in Dubai who are renowned for setting up those amazing spas across the place.

The colour scheme, the furniture, the wall décor, the flooring and even the mirrors play an important role in the interior of a spa. Every tiny detail of the place must be able to convey the idea of quietness and peace to the people who are getting in the spa facilities. The exterior as well as the interior setup will totally depend upon the services and the kind of spa you are planning to set up. Say if you are having an Ayurvedic Spa in your mind, the design must be something close to nature or else if you are planning a Club Spa, it must be designed in a way that has pools and lounges. There are a variety of elements to play with here. The lighting, how the exterior and interior converges, the pool design, the seating, the mirror arrangement and even little details like towels and tubs. All of these elements have to be perfectly woven together to form a beautiful setting for massages, hot tubs, manicures and pedicures.

Spa interior design
Spa Architect Dubai

Spa designing is very different from most other sorts of architecture. So, when you are picking out a spa architect to design your dream spa, go for the architects who already have some experience in designing one. Only a team of well experienced architects can come up with a perfect design for your spa. Before hiring an agency, do go check out their works, form ideas in your mind and the possible changes that you want on your design. Communicate with the architect, and make sure you paint a good picture in their minds. After that, the architects will just use their magic to bring out amazing designs for you.

So make sure the design of your spa is in safe hands by picking out the best in the business.The designs, the looks and the atmosphere matters a real lot in this case.  So whether your customer is going for the steam bath or is just up for a calming massage, make sure your spa gives him the quiet, serene time that you promised.


How to Select the Top Interior Designers Dubai?


Interior design Dubai is extremely popular today and for many they want to find the best professionals to help create the perfect indoor atmosphere. However since there are many good designers to choose from it can get overwhelming so how can you select the top interior designers? Read on and hopefully you’ll be able to find a few simple tricks to narrow your search down.

Know What You Want Redesigned

It is a lot easier to select a top interior designer when you know what you want and need done. For instance if you want to redesign an office then you ideally want a designer who specializes in this area. It’s the same when you want to redesign a home; you need to ensure the person who chooses is a specialist in that field. This will make the design phase much simpler for everyone involved and you can easily find the top interior designers Dubai.

Take a Close Look at Interior Design Companies Dubai Reputations

Every interior designers Dubai, whether they work independently or with an established interior design company, will have a reputation. Now, you may not have given a lot of thought over the reputation of the professional you’re hiring but it really can be a wonderful idea. Remember you don’t want to choose someone with a reputation for taking the money and running or who only does half the work. The reputation of the interior designer will be crucial to ensuring you achieve the style you want.

Know the Costs for the Services

Interior design Dubai can vary in price. For some companies they are going to charge very little and for others a lot; but it really all comes down to what is required. If the work is extensive then you can be sure the costs are going to rise but if there is little work to be done then the costs aren’t going to be as high. It really is a tough call here when it comes to interior design because the costs vary. However it will be important to take the time to set out a budget for your interior design so that when you are selecting the top designers in Dubai you can choose one within your budget.

Are You Happy With Someone Who Runs With Their Own Ideas?

Interior design companies Dubai can often ask for your input so that you are happy with the finished product but some may not and you have to be comfortable in trusting the designers. They are there to help restyle a home or office and to make it more appealing but their tastes may differ from yours. This will be extremely important to remember when choosing a top interior designer. If you want to add your own ideas into the project you need to be forceful but also let the designers do their jobs. check out http://creativeshelf.ae/ for more informations.

The Selection Process Takes Time

When it comes to selecting the top interior designers in Dubai it will take serious time. This isn’t a decision you should take lightly and it will be important to consider all aspects before you decide. Every interior designer and company offers something different so you need to understand what they offer and which works better for your needs. Interior design Dubai can be simple but only when you select the top interior designers.


Ways to reduce the electricity bills.

Cable ladder

With the increase in standard of living, there are many other aspects too which have taken a drastic change. These changes have affected the human life whether it is emotionally or financially. We all know resources are limited, so we need to reuse them again and again. You cannot take advantage of it and exploit them for personal use. Whether they are natural or man-made resources. Anything, when kept in control can be reused for a longer time. You can count electricity in these resources only. It happens that a rich one spends it too much while a poor one cannot even afford it. This is not at all equal. You need to keep it equal so that everyone can use it according to their use. There are many complaints related to electricity bills. People usually complain about too much electricity bill. By keeping every aspect in mind structured cabling companies in Dubai like Bonn group have taken many steps to save electricity. Few of the steps which you should take are as follows:

  • Avoid Over usage: There are many people who do not try to keep control on their electricity issues. Unwanted usage is done which leads to the extra electricity bill. You should avoid over the flow of it and this may help you to reduce your electricity bill.
  • Turn to Solar Panel: You may switch to solar panel to generate more electricity which can be used in different places. Solar energy is free of cost, and you may consume that energy to convert into electricity. The only charges which you need to pay are installation charge and maintenance charge.
Cable ladder
Structured Cabling
  • Avoid Old Home Appliances: There are many cases when people do have old appliances at their place which are good in condition. But there are only few who know that these old appliances lead extra electricity bill as these appliances consume lots of energy in form of electricity.
  • Moving to an appropriate place: There are few fools who stay at big mansions or houses while they can easily accommodate at a small house.This may lead to the extra electricity bill.
  • LEDs: Bulb is a great invention by Thomas Edison, but it consumes lots of energy. On other hand, you can use LED’s which can really help you to reduce your electricity bill.
  • Wash your clothes with cold water: There was an expert named as Michael Bluejay, who proposed that washing your clothes in cold water can help you to save lots of money.

So these are few ways or steps which you can take to reduce your electricity bills. If you really want to get rid of those long digit bills then adhere to these steps mentioned above and soon you will witness the changes.To know more about Structured cabling companies in Dubai has taken all possible steps to reduce electricity bills in Dubai. So you can also optfor these steps to make it economical as well as affordable for everyone in the town.


Dental Treatment Requires Certain Qualities In A Doctor

qualities in a dentist

Finding a good dentist is not a piece of cake. There are many of them who might be focusing on running their business and earning profits while there might be others who devote time entirely to the care of their patients. An ideal dentist is the one who follows his practice rigorously and is a successful manager of them. Also, he should be devoted enough to take care of his patients. Apart from the medical skills, a dentist needs various other professional and personality traits. There are many affordable dentists in Dubai who are capable of such things.

The dentist needs to possess the following quality traits:

·         Personable

In the cut throat competition of the world, the dentist needs to possess multiple abilities in order to succeed. A dentist needs to have both the mastery of his practice and good entrepreneur skills to earn profits in the business. A dentist needs to possess a pleasant demeanour. Nowadays, with the increasing competition, the expectations of people have increased. One of these is that a dentist should have good bedside manners along with the technical and professional skills. A dentist needs to be very friendly and comforting with a pleasant attitude possessing nice conversational skills and should keep a genuine interest in the care of the patients to make people like them.

·         The Winner

A dentist not only needs to give his supervision to all but he needs to keep in mind the minute needs of the customer. He should consider giving proper time to each and every patient whether it requires cutting down or narrowing his list of patients. The dentist has to deal with all kinds of people be it children, adults, old and senile people, people with disabilities, people possessing a negative attitude, the ones with serious diseases or the ones coming just for regular checkups, the ones who are a bit noisy and annoying or the moody ones. The dentist should not let his nerves take over him. He should maintain his cool in every situation and focus on improving the dental health of the patient. The one who is able to do so is the winner.

·         A Critical Thinker

A dental care requires much more than routine check-ups, cleaning, and cavity filling. The overall oral care consists of diagnosing the gum disease and determining whether there is any need for root canals or if tooth extractions are required, along with orthodontics and periodontics. Generally, all dentists do not surgically remove teeth or put the braces, but they do need familiarity with these subjects. They should know how a small problem with one tooth will affect the teeth nearby. Also, he should know how to treat patients who are afraid of visitations. He should maintain an accurate and timely schedule for the care of his patients.

·         Precise and Nimble

Above all, a dentist needs precise and nimble hand movements to make sure he doesn’t mess up the work and is treating the patients with utter comfort. In many procedures, say, tooth extraction or cavity filling, a dentist needs to use a set of large tools which are required to fit into the small spaces and gaps inside a patient’s mouth. Any slight mishaps will lead to permanent gum, mouth or tooth damage thereby causing significant lifetime injury to the patient. Whether the dentist is diagnosing or treating the problems, he needs to rely on the hand to eye coordination to make sure he is doing the work right.

Is it right to pursue the interior design courses online.

interior design courses

Interior design is an interesting field that is coming out in a very big way. With more and more people getting conscious about the surroundings that they live in, it has become almost essential for every house or office to have a well-designed interior to complement the exterior as well as the people living there. Interior designers who combine their creative skills along with a proper fiscal plan while they design homes, office spaces, public spaces and the like are therefore in demand in the industry. With this field set to grow at a tremendous pace, it is the right time to take your chance in this booming industry if art and design are your passion. In this article we are trying to list out the benefits and nuances of doing an online interior design course.Click here.

Why Online?

The answer is simple but has many layers to it. In this busy world where we are juggling with many things at once it would probably be difficult for you to pursue your interests in the field that you desire or are passionate about because trying to get a degree on-site in campus can be very taxing. You might have a regular job, or family reasons and so on and so forth. This happens especially in metropolitan cities like Dubai. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to go to campus and pursue a degree. Here is where online courses can come to your rescue as you get to learn the whole course while also not having to shuffle your busy routine so much so to study in college. It comes to your advantage that there are many universities that offer top notch interior design courses in Dubai. So to sum up, an online course gives you the option of flexibility while juggling your work, family and study life.

Is it inferior to normal on-campus courses?

Well if you look at the hands on experience part, it could be slightly to the lower side. But now most universities are adjusting their interior design online courses in such a manner that you get almost the same kind of hands on experience that you get from an on-campus degree. In all other aspects an online degree is as valid as any other degree. In the end it all boils down to whether you put in your maximum effort so as to get the best out of your online course in the time you have. If you have then you are as good as any other interior design degree holder.

Are there good universities offering online courses?

If you are a resident of Dubai then there is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of reputed universities that offer interior design courses in Dubai. So, this something you needn’t worry about. Applying to these universities is a piece of cake and depending on your capabilities you will get selected.

Are online courses regulated by any authorities?

Yes, they are regulated in each college or university just like all other normal courses. In Dubai the authority is Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and they have top regulatory standards.

So if you wish to pursue an interior design course in Dubai, definitely go ahead and pursue your passion and dreams.



5 Best Designs For A Kid’s Cake.

Online cake in Dubai

If you’re looking forward to make a cake or buy one for little ones, you need to pay special attention to the fact that those cakes are not just the usual cakes that we order for adults. They are way more special and different than the ordinarily designed cakes. Kids love colors and cartoons. Therefore, you have to be very particular while choosing the designs for your kids. Surprising them with designs of their favorite cartoon character or toy can be one of the things that can be done to make their day. Many bakers in Dubai offer to do the same for you. Cake delivery in Dubai is also possible. You can order online or directly from the shop and they will drop your order at your doorstep without any mess whether it is a birthday party, anniversary or celebration of a promotion. Ordering cake in Dubai has become easy because almost every bakery has started to offer the facility of delivery.

For the best cake designs for your kids, check out the following options:

  1. Rainbow Candy Explosion Cake: This is one of the most colorful cakes that you can choose to design for your kid for his/her birthday. Kids love colors and a cake with all the rainbow colors along with a handsome amount of candies is the best thing that can happen. This is a fun and well executed idea.
  1. The Minion Cake: Who doesn’t like minions? Kids love them. If you buy them a minion cake for their birthday, that would be the happiest moment of their life. They are not colorful yet attractive because of the buzz that has been created by the minion series among kids. Signifying mischief, it is playful and gives a tint of friendship along with all the craziness that can happen when you are in a minion’s company.
  1. The Rainbow Cake: This fun and colorful cake has all the fixings to delight your little one on his/her birthday including a brilliant, bright cartoon look. The dripping birthday cake along with the white icing gives the cake a fun and animated feel. The cherries and multi colored star sprinklers round out this energetic rainbow heaven.
  1. The Unicorn Cake: WOW is the perfect expression to sum up this cake. The kids would love the horn and the tail and the little detailing on the unicorn’s body. This cake is a true masterpiece worthy of being the center of attraction for all the kids out there.
  1. The Dalmatian Cake: Every kid loves dogs and Dalmatians are one of the favorites; all thanks to 101 Dalmatians. They are a man’s best friend and kids love to tease and have fun with them. A dog lover would definitely go crazy for this one. The little additions make them perfect in every sense.

Ways to put on Braces.

dental surgery Dubai

Has your dentist recommended you to put on braces? Are you wondering what would it feel like? If questions like these are bothering you, sit back and relax! This article will help you understand the process better.

Why should you get braces?

If you find large gaps between your teeth or your jaws hurt a lot, you might have to consider getting braces for your teeth. Braces are devices that help in aligning or straightening teeth and improve dental health. They are used to correct crooked teeth or other flaws in teeth or jaws. These symptoms can be seen at any point in life. A recent study has found out that there has been a rise in demand of adult braces in Dubai. So if you seem to have any of these symptoms irrespective of your age, you may want to fix an appointment with an orthodontist immediately.

Choosing the right orthodontist (dentist)

It is essential that you look around for a good orthodontist before you finalise getting your braces. Investing your time in searching for a good orthodontist will prevent you from damages in future. Moreover, a good dentist will ease the process and make you feel comfortable.

Are there different types of braces?

Yes! Unlike in olden days, you now have a variety of options available. There are various kinds of braces – metal, ceramic or lingual braces, which will give you a different look. Metal braces are noticeably smaller and are less painful. On the other hand, ceramic based braces will blend more into your teeth and will be tooth-coloured.

While these sound great, all of them have pros and cons. So before you choose braces for yourself, talk to your orthodontist about the advantages and disadvantages and make a smart choice.

How long will the process last?

Duration of the process will vary depending on the patient and the type of braces. However, it usually takes up to 1-2 hours. Your dentist will clean and then dry your teeth before applying glue. The glue might have an unpleasant taste, but don’t worry it doesn’t do any harm. Your dentist will then put the wires on the brackets and secure it with an elastic band.

Will it hurt?

No. It doesn’t hurt during the process but it will hurt later and might last for a few weeks. Eat only soft foods during the first few days. If the pain persists and is unbearable, you can take painkillers. But don’t worry, it won’t last for long!

Is it ok for an adult to get braces?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, there’s been a significant increase in number of adult braces in Dubai. This could be due to many reasons such as, an injury or having crooked teeth. Braces can definitely fix it.

Looking after your teeth properly is as important as taking care of any other body part. Take precautionary measures and wear that bright smile confidently.