Office Design Ideas To Increase Employees Productivity


It is the employees of the company that keeps it growing with innovative ideas. And today the smart companies understand this importance. Therefore they are providing certain tools in the office scenario that will help the employees to bring out their creativity stimulate communication and increase their productivity. Many of the architect companies in UAE that also deal in interior design of offices, makes sure that they create the interiors in a way that boosts the productivity of the staff involved. Here we have a few of the design ideas by these companies:office-

  • Optimizing office space

Although the idea of creating productivity based workspace is a paradigm for contemporary office designs according to many architect companies in UAE, but making the workspace flexible offers the employees a wide array of space types that can adapt to their particular requirements. Think about incorporating personal work booths, work areas that are activity based, meeting rooms that are big as well as small, areas that are purely social and other spaces like that to create a perfect balance for the employees to blossom.

  •         Involve your employees while redesigning the office

Make sure that you talk to each of the employee and take their ideas on office redesigning. This will help you to know what do your staff members want in their work environment. The final office design may not include each and every detail that your employees need, but make sure that you cover everything they need broadly.

  •         Conduct a smooth office workflow using technology

Promote the use of technological solutions like Slack, Bitrix24 or Hipchat that help them to communicate easily, send information, create and supervise tasks, as well as handle projects from any place. Thus, the time wasters like useless meetings and going through excessive emails can be drawn away.

  • Formulate an organizational plan

Make an organizational plan together with your employees and ask them to keep their work spaces decluttered, while making a good use of the storage space provided by the new furniture in the office. Going paperless is the perfect way to do this.

CK Architecture is an interior designer firm in Dubai that can not only formulate a new office for your company, but can also redesign your old office in a way to enhance the employees productivity.

Top Accessories for Dog Pet

pet accessories

There are several types of accessories for dogs like those for pampering  or to enhance the look  of your pet and some accessories help both pet and owner. You can find these fascinating accessories in the dog accessories shops in Dubai  to enhance the appearance of your dog

Pet Accessories

Dog bed

A well- designed beds provide support for a dog, especially for older dogs. The bed should be spacious enough for him to stretch on. There should also be a cushion that is of a medium firmness. You can find them easily in several dog accessories shop in Dubai.

Nail trimmers

Split and broken nails are uncomfortable for dogs. You must trim them every four to six weeks. Use nail trimmer that is specially made for dogs. You can prefer the guillotine-style nail trimmers that look like pliers that are easily available in any store that sells pet supplies.

Grooming brush

Brushing your dog’s coat daily is very necessary. It keeps it coat debris free and clean. You can use wire brushes for medium to long or curly coats and prefer bristle brushes for short-haired dogs. While brushing your new dog’s coat, always start from front to back and brush in the natural direction of the hair.

Water and food bowls

Choose plain, ceramic bowls for your pet to adequately feed and water your new dog. You can also have fancy bowls for your dogs. You can even customize your dog’s water and food bowls by decorating them with some monogram them.

Tagged collar and Leash

The collar is important for your dog’s safety. It will help strangers to find your dog if it goes miss somewhere. When you buy a collar , keep in mind that it should not be tight and change it timely when your dog grows up. It should be like your finger should easily slide between your dog’s collar and neck at all times. Make sure the leash is long enough to allow him to walk a couple of feet ahead or to the side of you without hurting his neck.

First aid kit

You must be attentive for emergencies that you may need a first aid kit for your new dog. It should keep antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone spray or ointment, a 3cc/10cc oral medication syringe, diphenhydramine, rectal thermometer, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, 2-inch gauze, plain saline solution, ear-cleaning, solution, cotton swabs and tweezers. These items will help you to cure small injuries.

These are some important dog accessories which owner should buy for their dogs . this will make your dog happy and make you connected with your dog .


Importance Of Career Counseling

Career counselling in dubai

In today’s modern and competitive world, staying updated with latest trend and information is very much necessary to remain in the competition. With day by day rising complexities and technological advancement, having sound and excellent education is very much important. But choosing the right career is not that easy when one has to choose from a variety of fields and career options having an equally large number of courses.

Career counselling in dubai

This is where the need for career counseling in Dubai arises. Career counselors are specialists who have vast knowledge about various career options and courses offered by various institutes and universities. It is no wonder that for many students, taking the help of career counselors has proved to be a life-saving thing because then they are able to identify the field they love the most.

Following is a list of benefits of career counseling in Dubai:

  •         Career choosing: With the variety of courses offered and increasing magnitude of specialization, career options are increasing greatly. Students as well as parents get confused about which course to choose, what are the job opportunities after certain course, which university and/or college will be best for certain course, etc. Career counselors answer all such questions and help in choosing the most suitable career.
  •         Diverse information: Career counselors have diverse and detailed knowledge about admission to various colleges and universities. They can help in effortlessly sailing through the whole admission process. They even have knowledge about various courses offered by foreign universities and the admission requirement for the same.
  •         Psychometric testing: Nowadays, psychometric testing is used in almost all tests ranging from entrance exams to hiring for posts. These tests mostly comprise of abstract reasoning skills, mathematical skills, verbal reasoning skills, etc. Acing these tests is very much important because these can be the deciding factor for your further education and your future.

ProEd is one of the leading counselors in UAE, providing various services like admissions, foreign education, career counseling, etc. Our team comprises of teachers who have years of experience with children of all age groups, former admission officers of various colleges and universities and parents who have been through all this.

Procedure in Installing Vehicle Tracking System

vehicle tracking system dubai

A vehicle tracking system is a device which when placed in a car, truck or any of the vehicle helps in locating it if the vehicle gets stolen or lost. Other than this it also performs other functions like alerting you when you are driving errantly or there is something medically wrong with you. Vehicle tracking system of Dubai includes camera installed at the dashboards which can be used to identify the person driving the car.

vehicle tracking system dubai

Vehicle tracking system of Dubai is sophisticated enough to record your driving speed, cornering speed, too rapid acceleration after a stop or failure to come to a complete stop. These devices are also of a great use in different professions like car rental services and ambulance services.

It works very smoothly and is simple to install. After the installation, these vehicle tracking systems use a GPS receiver and a software or internet connection to track the vehicles. Let’s understand the procedure to install this vehicle tracking system.

  • The very first step to install in vehicle tracking system in your vehicle is to find a source that supplies the power to your tracking device. There are mainly two sources, either you can use the dedicated batteries for the power supply or use can use the batteries of your vehicle.
  • If you opt for the vehicle battery than you will need a professional expert to get the job done. Whereas in dedicated batteries you can yourself install it. You will need a GSP device along with magnet resistant case and the weather proof case to complete the setup process.
  • When you are sure to use the dedicated batteries as a power source for your tracking system, proceed with feeding the power into it. Now, your device will be active and ready to use. Place it in the case and choose a safe place to put it that it is out of the reach of everyone.
  • The final step is to test the device. Go for a test drive and write down the speed, location, and the stop timing and check whether it is placed again safely. Now you can use your mobile phone or the computer to compare the data you have written with the data collected by the GPS tracking device on your phone or computer. If both the data matches, it indicates that you have successfully installed the device.

If you are seeking for the perfect vehicle tracking system then go for the Majees Tech. They provide you with the high quality and fully functional systems. The company maintains their high standards to ensure the customer satisfaction.

List Of Legal and Corporate Law Firms In Dubai

corporate law

There are a lot of people who start looking for top law firms in Dubai. According to the statistics, at least a 1000 people search the internet to find out the best firm. But how can anyone decide what a top firm is and which one is not? Almost all firms try to market themselves as top firms.
However, not all firms can be considered as the best. When trying to find out top law firms in Dubai, one needs to consider the firm’s credibility. This can be done by evaluating a few things including –
The first thing to check out to know the credibility of the firm is its client list. Try to find out the client list of the firm and judge its capability based on it. Law firms like list their clients and portfolio so everyone knows about their work.

Personally meeting the professionals at the firm will help in finding out the professional’s capability. It will help to understand the professional as an individual and not just as a representative of a specific firm.
Now, to make it easier for you to select the best legal and corporate firms in Dubai –
SM Law Firm – Contact this firm at for the best legal advice. The firm specializes in giving good legal advice.
Hassan Elhais – Contact the experts at this firm for the best corporate law services. The firm offers excellent services at very reasonable rates. Contact them at
Horizons & Co – This law firm has worked with a number of companies and has catered to their legal and corporate requirements. Contact
If you are in search of the best law firm in Dubai and want to get perfect solutions for all your legal concerns, contact SM Law Firm. The firm offers excellent services at very reasonable rates.