Ways to put on Braces.

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Has your dentist recommended you to put on braces? Are you wondering what would it feel like? If questions like these are bothering you, sit back and relax! This article will help you understand the process better.

Why should you get braces?

If you find large gaps between your teeth or your jaws hurt a lot, you might have to consider getting braces for your teeth. Braces are devices that help in aligning or straightening teeth and improve dental health. They are used to correct crooked teeth or other flaws in teeth or jaws. These symptoms can be seen at any point in life. A recent study has found out that there has been a rise in demand of adult braces in Dubai. So if you seem to have any of these symptoms irrespective of your age, you may want to fix an appointment with an orthodontist immediately.

Choosing the right orthodontist (dentist)

It is essential that you look around for a good orthodontist before you finalise getting your braces. Investing your time in searching for a good orthodontist will prevent you from damages in future. Moreover, a good dentist will ease the process and make you feel comfortable.

Are there different types of braces?

Yes! Unlike in olden days, you now have a variety of options available. There are various kinds of braces – metal, ceramic or lingual braces, which will give you a different look. Metal braces are noticeably smaller and are less painful. On the other hand, ceramic based braces will blend more into your teeth and will be tooth-coloured.

While these sound great, all of them have pros and cons. So before you choose braces for yourself, talk to your orthodontist about the advantages and disadvantages and make a smart choice.

How long will the process last?

Duration of the process will vary depending on the patient and the type of braces. However, it usually takes up to 1-2 hours. Your dentist will clean and then dry your teeth before applying glue. The glue might have an unpleasant taste, but don’t worry it doesn’t do any harm. Your dentist will then put the wires on the brackets and secure it with an elastic band.

Will it hurt?

No. It doesn’t hurt during the process but it will hurt later and might last for a few weeks. Eat only soft foods during the first few days. If the pain persists and is unbearable, you can take painkillers. But don’t worry, it won’t last for long!

Is it ok for an adult to get braces?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, there’s been a significant increase in number of adult braces in Dubai. This could be due to many reasons such as, an injury or having crooked teeth. Braces can definitely fix it.

Looking after your teeth properly is as important as taking care of any other body part. Take precautionary measures and wear that bright smile confidently.