Outdoor venues for photography in Dubai.

Photography dubai

Dubai’s architecture

If you possess a knack for photography, and are fond of historic and ultra modern architecture, Dubai is definitely a one stop destination for you. An assembly of modern day architectural marvels, Dubai is the perfect epitome of extreme engineering designs and implementations that include world’s tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa), highest hotel (Burj al Arab) in the present day. From a dry barren land in the 1990’s to a tourist hot spot in just 10 years, Dubai has grown to offer some of the world’s greatest architectural gems, thanks to world’s 15-25% cranes Dubai owns. If you kick off a project ‘Photography Dubai, I bet you will be fatigued, but Dubai would still have loads to click. And maybe by the time you reach, you get to see world’s only dynamic building, both palms islands, resorts in world’s shape and to give you goose bumps.

Best venues for photography in Dubai

Of all Dubai’s spots, these are the top favorites, and they are sure to mesmerize you almost instantaneously.

  • Burj Khalifa

With utmost certainty, this amazing man-made structure is sure to make your jaws drop. Measuring 828 m (2,717 ft), Burj Khalifa was declared as the world’s tallest building in 2008 and since then, no other has been able to beat it. It is not just tall, it is classified as Mega tall. Moreover, you need to book your ticket online at least two weeks before to avoid last moment hurry. So, let your camera take that structure’s entire height in first take.

  • Burj al Arab

World’s tallest hotel, this one only has a 7 star rating. 321m tall in height, 39% of Burj Al Arab’s height consists of non-residential area. If you want to click this hotel from the top, it has a helipad too. It has all to offer for a perfect shoot from dim lights to a restaurant where sharks swim in its aquarium, a magnificent lobby and even gold plated suite rooms for that super luxury experience. It is every photographer’s dream to capture evening and night shots from here.

Photography dubai
                   Dubai photography
  • Palms Islands

Yet to be completed, these majestic islands can be seen from space, and the view is simply spectacular. These are the largest artificial islands of the world, and of the two of them, one named Palm Jumeirah has been completed by 2014. To extend the idea of mass tourism, this artificial island extends the Dubai coastline by 56 km.

  • Dubai Marina

This man-made marina is all set to be the world’s largest, beating Marina Del Rey of California, USA. This marina is designed to accommodate skyscrapers and offers a view of only skyscrapers all the way you can see. Spanning across a canal for 3.5 kms, Dubai Marina also receives water from the Persian Gulf and has several luxury apartments against its backdrop.

  • Upcoming photogenic projects in Dubai

With multi-billion dollar projects coming up in Dubai, following is a list of few structures that will be completed soon and are worth a camera’s eye-

  • Museum of the future
  • Dubai Land
  • Blue waters Island
  • Dubai Frame
  • Dubai Water Canal
  • Deira Island
  • Aladdin City