How to choose the right cushion for your home.

You can make your room look more beautiful just by choosing the right pillow. All you would need is to pick a nice, vibrant cushion, a delicate textured throw pillow or even a muted bolster and you could be assured that they will add new brilliance to your room. Experts say that if is quite easy to give a new look to your room just by changing your cushions. For instance, if you want to add a new edge to your home decor, you can use accent cushions. They don’t need a lot of effort or too much money.

Being the best provider of furniture upholstery in Dubai, brings you some useful tips to help you pick the perfect cushions for your house.

  • Size and Shape of the Cushion:

One simple rule that you should follow while choosing cushions for you furniture is that you should go for small cushions for your small furniture and you should opt large sized cushions if your furniture is large with ample seating. If you wish to create a lounge-like ambience then you can add a few large bolsters cushions or you can also add large rectangle cushions.

  • Number of Cushions:

If you are someone who wants to have a perfect symmetry as the decor statement, then you may probably go for having even numbered cushions. If you are ok with experimenting and trying out different styles, then you can go for placing uneven number of cushions. You can use your creativity and artfully scattered the cushions around the room.

Furniture upholstery Dubai
Furniture upholstery Dubai
  • Colors and Patterns:

You need to be quite careful while choosing the colors and patterns of your cushions. There are a lot of options if you wish to buy furniture upholstery in Dubai. If you have sofas or bed in neutral hues, then your best pick would be to select bold and vibrant cushions. This will make the furniture pop.

If you have large sofas, you can pick a mix of strong colors contrasting the color of your sofa. You can couple this arrangement with some patterned pillows matching the sofa’s color. You can experiment a little by mixing different patterns of cushions. However, try keeping a common color theme so it won’t tire the eye.

  • Texture:

If you are an ant freak and love to experiment, you can also around with different textures when selecting cushions. You can try picking Cotton cushions for your furniture done in smooth leather, or silk or velvet upholstery. You can also select ornate pillows for a fuzzy couch. There are plenty of option. All you need is a creative eye. You can go wild and add texture and offer traction so the pillows do not fall off the couch.