Key Qualities of an Interior Designer in Dubai


Interior designers in Dubai add each residential and business settings, drawing upon their data of aesthetics, operate and safety to reinforce the design of an area. Several have a style specialty to meet the requirements of shoppers best or attract a distinct segment market.

Education and coaching

Dubai interior designers need to carry knowledgeable license from the National Council for Interior style Qualification. To take a seat for the licensing examination, associate degree aspiring interior designer should have a minimum of 2 years of faculty education in interior design and four years of skilled work expertise. Instead, a private will possess four years of post secondary education in style and two years of skilled work expertise within the same field. In states that don’t need interior designers to own knowledgeable license, it’s an honest plan for a private to be a member of a national council or society for interior designers to backup her education and knowledge within the field. The necessities to become a member of knowledgeable interior style association area unit the same as the stipulations for sitting for a state interior style licensing examination.

Good Communication Skills

Dubai Interior designers typically work one on one with shoppers, service suppliers, contractors or as a part of a team. Therefore, a designer should have the power to figure with totally different temperament varieties, be sensible listeners and communicate clearly. Once there’s a clash of opinions, a designer might act as a communicator or intermediary to assist notice a resolution, still as have the power to assist a shopper in perceiving why his plan might not be effective or safe. Visit this site :

Management Skills

Deadlines area unit a natural a part of the skilled interior style world. Shoppers might have specific points for a designer to fulfill or a designer might impose her deadline. Therefore, she will progress to different shoppers. Sometimes, an internal designer might work on multiple comes quickly, therefore project management skills area unit essential to maintaining order and meeting deadlines. If a designer runs her own business, she can also market herself to new shoppers whereas performing on different comes, all whereas maintaining sensible relationships with everybody concerned. With blast and project management skills, a designer will meet her clients’ desires and her business while not trying unprepared or unskilled.

Planning Skills and style ability

The yank Society of Interior Designers states that one amongst the foremost essential qualities of a designer is that the ability to set up an area per a client’s desires. Additionally, an internal designer should knowledge to visually render his set up with drawings, package software system or scaled models, therefore, a shopper will see the designer’s concepts. Interior designers should knowledge to make the desired look and feel through the utilization of colours, lights, furniture, flooring, and materials, still as a way to artfully prepare these parts. They need to conjointly scan blueprints and understand town building codes to maximise the protection of their styles.


Interior designers are seen as a very important aspect of designs in Dubai. Therefore, it is important that there are characteristics that guide the attitude of an interior designer in Dubai and above are some of those factors.

5 Things Law Firm Office Should Have

Law Firm Office

When in problems and have need some good legal advice in Dubai, it is advised that you find a good lawyer or some well-known solicitors in Dubai. Approaching experts will help strengthen your case in a lot of ways.

You can identify a good lawyer by looking at their office or their law firm. There are five things that will help you in evaluating the professionalism of a lawyer. The five things are –

Law Firm Office

1. Website: This is extremely important. A website will give an online identity to the website. It helps in reaching out to the audience much easily.

2. A private office: Having a private office is a must. It will help the clients to open up with the lawyer and tell them everything about the case openly. Opening up of the client is important for the case and hence, a lawyer’s office or a law firm should have a private office.

3. A library: It is not necessary that the library is huge. However, having a library setup is important for making a good impression in front of the clients. Having a small library with good reference books can help a law firm and also the professionals working with it.

4. An office representative: Having a good representative to attend to the clients is a must have for all law firms. The representative should be well trained and must help clients in reaching out to the lawyer.

5. Technology: Technology is everywhere and a law firm too can benefit from it. From computers to mobile technologies to CCTV, the firm need to be technologically strong.

If you are seeking the best advice from the best solicitors in Dubai, contact the experts at SM Law Firm. They can furnish you with all the necessary information that will help you out when facing the law.

Tricks to dress your walls in a creative manner.

Interior designers Dubai

Your office means a lot to you, and that is why how it looks should mean a lot as well. Here, we will tell you some very basic but creative ways to dress the parts of your office and literally make-up its walls.

Many people think hanging up their degree certificates and some other things here and there in a random fashion should suffice. Sadly, it does not and the bearings of such a  poorly made up office show up directly on the productivity of the work being done in that very office in a lot of ways. Well, we won’t allow that is happening to you. We won’t promise you results like those delivered by office fit out contractors in Dubai and other big, booming cities but these techniques will sure go a long way:

The Image is Vital:

Think clearly about what exactly you want people to think about you and your work. Do some thinking about your work on your own as well. If you are a company head, an accountant or any other professional of the “formal” kind, stick to soft and not-so-loud colours for your walls and anything you hang on them. Conversely, if you are a photographer, website designer or a fashion person stick to expressive and bright colours for your walls and the things on them.

Go for some Framed Artwork:

Here also the types of artwork you go for should be dictated by the kind of message you want to send out.

The Two Wall Theory:

What you see and what you want your clients to see. Place the things you want the visitors to see on the walls where the visitors’ glances fall upon most often – the wall behind your chair and the wall in front of the visitor. Things that get you going like your family photographs, motivational quotes and pictures should be conveniently placed in a spot where you see it more than anyone else – the front wall. By this logic, the front wall and the wall behind you should become most important ones.

Interior designers Dubai
                             Designing of the wall

 A Calendar:

Never, never ever forget a king size calendar. Again, suited in colour and presentation, to the kind of work you do. Hang it on one of the side walls for the reference of both you and those who visit you.

Bulletin Board:

Many people have it; most don’t take good care of it. Make it pleasant and not an eyesore in your office. Divide it into sections and use the sections to your best benefit.

The Big Thing:

The idea of having one big work of art exactly at the back of your chair is very fashionable nowadays and why should it not be. Everything needs a central piece of attraction, so does your office. Go for it!

Lastly, if you actually can stash away a little bit of cash for the sake of your lovely, beloved office, hire some office fit out contractors.



5 stunning ways to style your bar space.

Interior Designers Dubai

If you are a gregarious person and like to hang out with many people or are tired of going to clubs and then driving back all the way to your home then you can have a little party spot of your own in your house with the help of a bar space. While developing a bar space in your home could be a pet project of yours and you may play around with it, knowing certain things will give you a better idea as to the effect of different things. Earlier there used to be a fixed and orthodox pattern of styling your bar space, however lately the interior design company in Dubai have created many new designs and used the simplest of things in new and innovative ways and you can use these simple ideas in your homes too while creating your own bar space. However here is a little help from our side with a few ideas that could really give your bar space any look that you may want.

  • Beautiful bar cart

The most important part of a bar space is the undoubtedly the bar cart.  The bar cart could be of any of the dark colors from metallic grey to black. It can also have a tray which could be Lucite or glass based on the decor that you want for your bar space.

Interior Designers Dubai
Interior Design Company in Dubai
  • The touch of music

Depending on the kind of music you are into or your friends, you usually chill out within your bar space, are into you can have collections of posters and pictures of famous musicians. So you can place a shelf for showing off your music CD collections which not only adds to the mood but also creates the effect of a lounge in your home. Music is also the perfect thing to start a conversation on and thus its importance is unquestionable in a bar space.

  • Color scheme

Colors are the most effective of ways to create the desired ambiance. Based on the bar cart and the ambience you intend to create. There are various color choices that could match for a bar space like black and white, dark brown and black or green and blue. You can also go use only one color like dark brown or white. However make sure of the fact that the color choice you make is in sync with the other components of a bar space.

  • Use an aquarium or glass walls

You can also make your bar space look extremely cool by using glass walls at some places with water dripping on it or by using an aquarium in between the walls. This will create the effect of a bar space in the suite of a five star hotel.

  • Lights

The lighting effects that you want to use in your bar space is mainly governed by the choice of the other components. You should always put multiple kinds of lights in your room because at different times you may want your be space to look differently and create different kinds of effects. You can also use a couple of vintage looking lamps to create the effects of Irish or Scottish pubs.

Hence with the help of these simple methods you can bring major changes in your bar space and it may actually look like that fabulous bar space you saw in the movies

Some easy swaps and props for winter decor

Interior designers dubai


For the ones who live in regions where the climate changes all year round, it is very important to bring minor changes in the interior designing so as to match the varying landscape of that place. This not only gives you a feel of the climate while in the house but also offers a fresh look to the home with changing seasons. However, do not get nervous as you need to use minor things to bring that change. One particularly season is that of the winters as even though its cold and low during this time it can also prove to be extremely fun. Even in a place like Dubai where it is mostly warm and hot and winters are also very short, the interior designers Dubai have used small things to create the effect of winter. Also with slight redecoration you can easily make your home cozy and comfortable while everything outside is frozen and barren. Some of the minor swaps and props that would make your home ready for the winter decor are

  • Play with the colors and add holiday decoration

Winters stand for holidays in most part of the world and the season of holiday is mostly celebrated by the colors red and green. However, it doesn’t hurt to deviate from the main path so try different colors that would complement with these two colors. You can also use some popular holiday interior decoration materials to make that feeling of winters more vigorous. For example, even in a hot place like Dubai the extremely skilled interior designers of Dubai used the Christmas tree to help in creating the vibe of winters and so that the people who are away from home could enjoy this joyous festival.

  • The winter rugs

The use of rugs all over the home could help in creating that perfect coziness required during the winters. It will keep your feet warm and you can enjoy the comfort of the fluffy rugs. You can also play with the colors of the rug so that the whole house looks bright.

Interior designers dubai

  • Take the help of the nature

The use of plants with bright and beautiful flowers having good fragrances could help in adding the color to the house as opposed to the whiteness outside. In addition to this pebbles and stones will also add a unique touch to your house.

  • Use of whites

In winters the color white is the dominant color and you might want to use some of that color in your homes to add the touch of winter and snow. However,  you should be prudent that this color is not used in excess as it might make the whole decor somewhat restricted and boring.

Thus while winter may prove to be monotonous for many and fun for some, it definitely gives you a chance to play with the interior designing of your home so that it is in sync with the season. While very minor props could be brought in use, there definitely is a lot of potential to do a variety of things for that perfect winter effect!!!


Innovation and creativity are the best to have for hotel interiors

Hotel Interior Design

The hotels of 21st century have grown and adapted to the continually changing social requirements with the help of creativity and innovation used in hotel interior designing. This could be easily observed if you take a look at some of the best hotels of Dubai, Shanghai, New York, Las Vegas and many more. Unique creative skills are required nowadays while working on any aspect of a hotel, be it the restaurant of the hotel or the bathroom or the guestroom, thus the importance of creativity cannot be stressed enough as everybody wants to stay in a hotel that looks different and feels different and this cannot be achieved without innovation.  Some of the new twists and turns that are coming up in the hotel interior designs nowadays because of innovation and creativity  are: 

  • Changing configurations in the guestroom

    When staying at a hotel the guests like to be surprised and the orthodox combination of bed, locker and a table cannot suffice this need. This is why the interior designing in hotels have to be unique. Some of the most popular elements to make a hotel room trendy are awe-inspiring king sized beds with an adjacent sofa and interesting TV panels. In addition to all this,  for that touch of creativity, an eclectic mix of color and décor is used, which could certainly mesmerize the guests.

  • The enigma of hotel restaurants

    Hotel restaurants are supposed to give the comfort of eating in a home but with a touch of style and an excellent food. It is very important for the hotels to have an interior that reflects a theme and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of the visitors. This aspect of hotel interior designing is widely ignored as the major focus is on the rooms and bathroom but restaurants are one thing that could heavily impact the hotel’s popularity.

    Hotel Interior Design

  • Bathrooms And Spas
    Gone are the days when bathroom was seen as something which was an auxiliary to the main room and thus had to be small to make more space for the room. This is because, the modern travelers expect to get a lot more than what they get at their homes while on a journey. Nowadays, the bathrooms in resorts are given unique features of a spa. This is clearly an innovative addition to the creativity and has clearly set new benchmarks in hotel interior designing.
  • Lastly but paradoxically the first:  Better lobbies

    Its like the first impression is the last impression and thus, it is highly imperative that hotels have impressive lobbies as this is the first place the guests come across. The hotel lobbies are the place where all the social encounters occur and thus these are expected to be equipped with facilities that could be used in casual conversation or in a formal one. Ergo, to make a lobby perfect it should be armored with luxurious and comfortable furniture, places to plug in devices like laptops and mobiles, indoor waterfalls and the subtle yet strong presence of appropriate colors.

Hence, hotel interior designing is surely witnessing new developments and in today’s competition for any hotel to survive, innovation and creativity in its interiors is not optional but compulsory and this is why the hotel owners need to do their due diligence in this.

Why you should hire an interior designer in Dubai for your dream project?

Interior design solutions

What suits with what is probably the most annoying question when it comes to designing? It could trouble somebody while doing something as miniscule as choosing a bed sheet for the room or something as permanent as painting the walls. Based on your perspective of things finding interior design solutions could either become a very challenging task or a very simple and trivial job to do. It is all about bringing many small components together in different combinations to satisfy the needs of the user. As easy using different things as one may sound, finding solutions to interior designing problems may actually prove to be very challenging. This is because it doesn’t take any special skill set to follow the latest trend and the works of famous interior designers to know what is in and what is not. However just like a good tie and a good shirt may not look so good together, it is not necessary that two pieces of furniture that are good individually may look good together. Herein the importance of interior designers and their skills becomes highlighted. Only a capable and skilled interior designer could possibly have the vision to know what combinations could lead to the desired results.

On several occasions the users of the space do not really have an idea as to what they really want and are thus not able to express it in words. In such situations it is the duty of the designers to read the minds of the customers and express it in the form of designs with the help of magnificent interior designing solutions.

While working on a project the interior designers are required to indulge in a lot of detailing. They need to look into the color choices of different elements and also consider the feasibility of color choices when different components are put together. The furniture pieces are to be chosen carefully so that they go along with each other aptly. In addition to this special prudence is also to be in the placement of the furniture pieces, ornamentation in accordance with the lines and symmetry of the building and rooms. The fact of the matter is that these subtle nuances if present are not very noticeable but if absent could steal the beauty of the whole structure. Thus it clearly requires the support of some serious and special skills.

Interior designers have known that Dubai has been blessed with some of the best architectural marvels and interior designing. The interior designers in Dubai have come on top of some of the most difficult of challenges and goals with their innovative interior design solutions. In fact their designs have become so popular that these ideas are being used in several other places of the world. while choosing an interior designing company one must show wisdom. Many interior designing companies are not able to give proper solutions within the limited time constraints, sometimes because of the pressure of the work they also end up giving generic solutions which they think would work everywhere. This might solve the problems but the end result will not be magnificent. Some of the interior designers have showed great innovativeness when it comes to using the simple things in many different ways. These are the designers who know that the solution to some of the designing issues can sometimes be the simple things. So hire the best interior designers so that you may get satisfactory solutions to your problems and the best end results.

Simple Interior Design Tips

Simple Interior Design Tips

Whether you have just moved into your dream house or even if you are simply looking for a simple way to breathe new life into your home, there are a variety of interior design tips and tricks that are known by the professional interior designers that are quick, simple and easy enough to do yourself with little cost and very little effort. Interior design tips and tricks don’t have to be complicated in fact you can achieve some stunning results from the smallest little thing. Below are just a few little interior design tips that you can put to use to transform your home into a dream house. Click here to read more info about professional interior designers.

Make small rooms look bigger

Small rooms have a tendency to look cramped or overcrowded a great way to maximise the space in any room and give the appearance of more room is by painting smaller rooms in lighter neutral colours. Using lighter colours in a small room will make the best use of the natural light and give the room much more depth making it appear bigger than it is. You should avoid dark colours in small rooms as this can help to diminish the amount of natural light and make the room look even smaller than it actually is.Read more

Simple Interior Design Tips

Decorative Mirrors Bring More Light

Just like mentioned above, well place decorative mirrors can also make better use of the natural light coming into a room and make it appear larger than it is. If you are looking to bring more light into a room then you can try placing a mirror across from your windows which will instantly pour more light into a smaller room. Decorative mirrors are also a great way of breaking up empty wall space.

Get Creative with slip covers

Looking to transform your living room without the expense of buying a new sofa? Well slip covers are a simple but effective way of changing the look of your furniture to suit your mood. Slip covers come in a wide range of colours and designs so you are sure to find some that are suitable for your room, slip covers are also easy to remove and can also protect your furniture from accidental spills making them ideal to use in a room that is frequently used by active children.

All of these interior design tips are regular used by professional interior designers that usually charge a small fortune for their services, now you can put some of these tips to use in your dream house and give it a fresh new cosy feel.