Real Estate Selling Tip – Give Your Walls Some Attention

Walls portray the personal style of the owner living in the house. Maintaining the walls of the house is very necessary if you plan on inviting people over to the house. The style of the wall speaks a lot about the style and the preferences of a person and the lifestyle that they wish to lead. Jotun Paints in Dubai provides protection for walls and other interior and exterior products and other furniture in the house. Jotun Paints in Dubai provides the perfect colors and designs for the walls that bring life to the house.

Here are few ways in which one should give attention to the walls

  • Personalize by hanging photos-

The signature wall can be made into a gallery wall. The photos can be anything that describes the personality of the owner very well, be it selfies, tour photos, caricatures, and cartoons drawn by a person who lives in the house. One can make the gallery wall perfect by choosing the wall next to the staircase.

  • Place Souvenirs-

Walls can be given extra dimension by hanging up some quirky and fun souvenirs that you have from your travel. One can nail a table along the wall to keep souvenirs and create a vignette. Hang small pictures and place objects that one collected during tours. Placing them correctly and adding dimensions to the paint will change the complete image of the house.

Joy Paints suppliers in Dubai
Joy Paints suppliers in Dubai
  • Cope up with the season-

Use of different styles of souvenirs, artworks, and dreamy objects will freshen up the look of the house. Rotating the gallery hung along the wall will give the wall a new look every time. Pick photographs and souvenirs which match the season.

  • Use of Partition wall-

Partition wall creates a very cozy atmosphere in the room. Partitions can be used in multiple ways. Detailed designing can be done on the partition wall and divide the room very subtly and does not impact the flow of the room

  • Frame is the Game-

Using different styles of frames can make or break the look of the wall. Before you decide to get a frame, try to consider the size of the frame and the design of the frame that would suit the wall. Consider the texture and color as it will bring the best out of the wall painting as well as the artwork.

Using Jotun Paints in Dubai provides the ultimate solution to the housing solution and also makes the wall stand out and create an everlasting impression on people who visit your house. Add the well-needed punch to the walls of the house.