Liposuction surgery: fast recovery tips

Also called as body contouring, liposuction is one of the cosmetic procedures that is very popular worldwide. In this excess fat from different body parts including the trunk, abdomen, arms, neck, breasts, buttocks, thighs, hips, is carefully removed by a plastic surgeon using special surgical equipment. The skin on your body is tightened to improve your overall appearance. If you are staying in Dubai Then Medstar health have the best cosmetic surgeon for getting the treatment of liposuction in Dubai. If you want to enjoy the results of the procedure, then you must carefully follow the recovery tips given below.

Liposuction in Dubai
Liposuction in Dubai
  •         Sufficient rest time: your surgery would require sufficient time to get healed. It takes from one or two weeks for recovering from the surgery. Make sure to discuss with your surgeon the period of rest you would need after the surgery.  This time period depends quite on the size of the surgical area and also the amount of fat that has been removed from your body. Therefore you will require excess time if a large portion of your body is treated.
  •         Wear clothes that compress:  your surgeon would apply bandage and even compression clothes if necessary after the surgery. These compression garments will help to keep the operated area compressed and also prevent bleeding and also swelling. You can find these compression garments in pharmacies and medical stores.
  •         Prevent infection with antibiotics: to minimize the risk of infection, your surgeon may prescribe you some antibiotics. he may also recommend some painkillers to manage the swelling and pain at the surgery area.
  •         Start walking as soon as possible: after the surgery you must start to walk at a slow pace as soon as possible. This will help to prevent blood clots from being formed on your thighs and legs as well as improve blood circulation to fasten the healing.