Types of Flooring.

Flooring is that component of a household which cannot be overlooked as it adds a lot of value to the internal aesthetics of a house. Out of various types of flooring options available, wooden flooring in Dubai has now become the favorite option for people. Now you can choose the best quality wooden flooring in Dubai from never ending range of Leeds Furnishing

Let’s have a look at the various styles of popular flooring styles prevalent in Dubai: –

Types of wooden flooring:

  • Hardwood flooring: This type of flooring exudes warmth and luxury. It also gives your interiors a posh and elegant look. However, a few drawbacks do exist in the case of wooden flooring. It could be a little difficult to maintain and also is relatively expensive. But its benefits justify the increased cost.
  • Carpet flooring: This type of flooring is also known as textile flooring. This thick covering on the floor is usually made out of wool or synthetic materials.
Wooden Flooring Dubai
Wooden Flooring Dubai
  • Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is a type of resilient flooring. However, there are also different kinds of Vinyl flooring depending on manufacturing process as well as content. Vinyl flooring offers its buyers a wide range of colors. Vinyl flooring provides comfort like no other type of flooring can. It is also easy to install and more affordable. However, maintenance is a fundamental challenge of owning Vinyl flooring because repairs are difficult, and it is prone to fading of color. Still, vinyl flooring remains to be a popular choice among the public.
  • Stone flooring: People tend to opt for stone flooring as there is such a wide range of options to choose from. Right from marble to slate tile, there are tons of different types of stone flooring, each of them having a unique appearance. People tend to prefer this option because of its high durability and value for money. This feature makes it very easy to maintain. It is suitable for both commercial and residential landscapes.
  • Parquet Flooring: From the old French word ‘parchet’, which means a small compartment or part of a park/theatre, we derive the word Parquet. Parquet flooring is patterned wooden flooring. It is composed of strips of wood to form a pattern. Sometimes, this type of flooring contains inlays of other woods or even other materials to add an extra edge to the aesthetics.

If you are confused about which one to choose from these different types of flooring and want more information, contact the customer service of Leeds Furnishing for in depth information. Their knowledgeable staff would undoubtedly aid you in making choice for flooring that will suit your home and your lifestyle.