Top Accessories for Dog Pet

pet accessories

There are several types of accessories for dogs like those for pampering  or to enhance the look  of your pet and some accessories help both pet and owner. You can find these fascinating accessories in the dog accessories shops in Dubai  to enhance the appearance of your dog

Pet Accessories

Dog bed

A well- designed beds provide support for a dog, especially for older dogs. The bed should be spacious enough for him to stretch on. There should also be a cushion that is of a medium firmness. You can find them easily in several dog accessories shop in Dubai.

Nail trimmers

Split and broken nails are uncomfortable for dogs. You must trim them every four to six weeks. Use nail trimmer that is specially made for dogs. You can prefer the guillotine-style nail trimmers that look like pliers that are easily available in any store that sells pet supplies.

Grooming brush

Brushing your dog’s coat daily is very necessary. It keeps it coat debris free and clean. You can use wire brushes for medium to long or curly coats and prefer bristle brushes for short-haired dogs. While brushing your new dog’s coat, always start from front to back and brush in the natural direction of the hair.

Water and food bowls

Choose plain, ceramic bowls for your pet to adequately feed and water your new dog. You can also have fancy bowls for your dogs. You can even customize your dog’s water and food bowls by decorating them with some monogram them.

Tagged collar and Leash

The collar is important for your dog’s safety. It will help strangers to find your dog if it goes miss somewhere. When you buy a collar , keep in mind that it should not be tight and change it timely when your dog grows up. It should be like your finger should easily slide between your dog’s collar and neck at all times. Make sure the leash is long enough to allow him to walk a couple of feet ahead or to the side of you without hurting his neck.

First aid kit

You must be attentive for emergencies that you may need a first aid kit for your new dog. It should keep antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone spray or ointment, a 3cc/10cc oral medication syringe, diphenhydramine, rectal thermometer, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, 2-inch gauze, plain saline solution, ear-cleaning, solution, cotton swabs and tweezers. These items will help you to cure small injuries.

These are some important dog accessories which owner should buy for their dogs . this will make your dog happy and make you connected with your dog .