Facts You Need To Know About Dubai


Dubai has so much to explore and so many highlights that attract the people all over the world. Apart from excitement of luxurious shopping and thrilling adventures, cosmopolitan lifestyle, Dubai has endless things to offer. The low crime rates and inheritance of variety of culture makes every other person want to get settled in Dubai. One such point which attracts people the most is its strong economy and commercially eruption of this city which encourages them to plan for a starting up a company and be a part of charismatic Dubai. There are many investors and entrepreneurs who are looking forward to Dubai for company formation.

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It is not that easy to incorporate and establish a business anywhere in the world.Whether it is any of the seven emirates or it is Dubai, company formation process depends on how well you know the region. There are certain facts that you must study before you plan for any start-up. These facts will make you understand why Dubai is praised globally.

  • Low-cost structure and tax benefits

They do not have any laws over import and export business and also hardly have exchange controls or any quota. Due to their flexible government policies, they have low cost over finance, labor and real estate which reduces the overall cost of doing a business. Setting up business in a free zone also saves you from paying taxes as they do not charge customs duties.

  • Exquisite infrastructure

Dubai having a splendid infrastructure that attracts people from all over the world. The government of Dubai has invested so much in every of the sectors be it modern residential facilities, transportation, industries or be it the highway systems, business centers, telecommunications, internet connectivity or power supply. Everything is exceptionally world class from hospitals and schools to housing and office spaces.

  • Favorable political environment

The political conditions of a country play a very important role in shaping their economy and behind its prosperity. The stable political conditions and strong stock market highly influence people to do business and trust a country. This is why after the liberalization Dubai economy have flourished to heights.

  • Crucial location

Dubai is in the middle east surrounded by all the developing countries Europe, Asia, America and Africa. It is well connected with rest of the world through airways and waterways which is a benefit for diversifying the economy by trading with foreign countries forming a large market.

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Responsibilities of a business advisor

According to a lot of people who may or may not own a business, hiring a business advisory service are totally unnecessary and a waste of money. But, it is seen that businesses that invest in a good advisor firm actually come out safely and also prosper at the times of adverse circumstances. An external assessment is required by almost every type of business from time to time, for which a professional help should be looked.

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