Procedure in Installing Vehicle Tracking System

vehicle tracking system dubai

A vehicle tracking system is a device which when placed in a car, truck or any of the vehicle helps in locating it if the vehicle gets stolen or lost. Other than this it also performs other functions like alerting you when you are driving errantly or there is something medically wrong with you. Vehicle tracking system of Dubai includes camera installed at the dashboards which can be used to identify the person driving the car.

vehicle tracking system dubai

Vehicle tracking system of Dubai is sophisticated enough to record your driving speed, cornering speed, too rapid acceleration after a stop or failure to come to a complete stop. These devices are also of a great use in different professions like car rental services and ambulance services.

It works very smoothly and is simple to install. After the installation, these vehicle tracking systems use a GPS receiver and a software or internet connection to track the vehicles. Let’s understand the procedure to install this vehicle tracking system.

  • The very first step to install in vehicle tracking system in your vehicle is to find a source that supplies the power to your tracking device. There are mainly two sources, either you can use the dedicated batteries for the power supply or use can use the batteries of your vehicle.
  • If you opt for the vehicle battery than you will need a professional expert to get the job done. Whereas in dedicated batteries you can yourself install it. You will need a GSP device along with magnet resistant case and the weather proof case to complete the setup process.
  • When you are sure to use the dedicated batteries as a power source for your tracking system, proceed with feeding the power into it. Now, your device will be active and ready to use. Place it in the case and choose a safe place to put it that it is out of the reach of everyone.
  • The final step is to test the device. Go for a test drive and write down the speed, location, and the stop timing and check whether it is placed again safely. Now you can use your mobile phone or the computer to compare the data you have written with the data collected by the GPS tracking device on your phone or computer. If both the data matches, it indicates that you have successfully installed the device.

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