Causes Of Hernia

Hernia is such a condition that no one ever wants to deal with. Hernia is a digestive disorder which is caused when the muscles and tissue of your abdominal wall get weakens. Our muscles and tissues keep our organs in their place as they are tight enough but when they get weak, they get tear and let a part of organ come out of the openings. Many times a person can’t even realize that he or she is suffering from a hernia. If there is a persistent pain in your stomach or when any part of your organs begins to protrude and bulge which can be easily seen, you may suspect it as a hernia. It becomes necessary to go for a surgery and there is nothing you should be fear of as hernia surgery in Dubai are easy and successful in all cases.


If you feel anything suspicious about your health it is highly recommended to you to get sure of the symptoms and causes of a hernia by consulting a doctor before planning for the hernia surgery in Dubai. The causes which lead you to such a painful condition are:

  • Obesity

Over weight has always been hard on people being a big reason for welcoming many of the chronic disorders. It can be a big reason behind causing the hernia as weight gain ca put pressure on different body parts causing them strain.

  • Heavy lifting

There are many such works which require weight lifting. There are a number of people who are habitual of lifting the weight on the daily basis. They can avoid strain to their body by wearing the right support as without support it can cause pressure on your muscles.

  • Strain

Strain can be of any kind, be it the pressure acquired by lifting the heavy weight or by simply coughing and sneezing when having a bowel movement. You should take safety measures while coughing like putting a support in front of your stomach. It is also suggested to eat a lot of fiber and drink liters of water.

  • Certain medical conditions

Hernia symptoms can also arise when a large amount of fluid gets deposited in the abdominal cavity. It results in weakening of muscles.

If you need a consultation then do not delay it, you can contact a gastroenterologist in Dubai. The Lapsurgery clinic has one of the best doctors in the country you can rely upon.

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