Is it right to pursue the interior design courses online.

Interior design is an interesting field that is coming out in a very big way. With more and more people getting conscious about the surroundings that they live in, it has become almost essential for every house or office to have a well-designed interior to complement the exterior as well as the people living there. Interior designers who combine their creative skills along with a proper fiscal plan while they design homes, office spaces, public spaces and the like are therefore in demand in the industry. With this field set to grow at a tremendous pace, it is the right time to take your chance in this booming industry if art and design are your passion. In this article we are trying to list out the benefits and nuances of doing an online interior design course.Click here.

Why Online?

The answer is simple but has many layers to it. In this busy world where we are juggling with many things at once it would probably be difficult for you to pursue your interests in the field that you desire or are passionate about because trying to get a degree on-site in campus can be very taxing. You might have a regular job, or family reasons and so on and so forth. This happens especially in metropolitan cities like Dubai. Thus, it becomes almost impossible to go to campus and pursue a degree. Here is where online courses can come to your rescue as you get to learn the whole course while also not having to shuffle your busy routine so much so to study in college. It comes to your advantage that there are many universities that offer top notch interior design courses in Dubai. So to sum up, an online course gives you the option of flexibility while juggling your work, family and study life.

Is it inferior to normal on-campus courses?

Well if you look at the hands on experience part, it could be slightly to the lower side. But now most universities are adjusting their interior design online courses in such a manner that you get almost the same kind of hands on experience that you get from an on-campus degree. In all other aspects an online degree is as valid as any other degree. In the end it all boils down to whether you put in your maximum effort so as to get the best out of your online course in the time you have. If you have then you are as good as any other interior design degree holder.

Are there good universities offering online courses?

If you are a resident of Dubai then there is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of reputed universities that offer interior design courses in Dubai. So, this something you needn’t worry about. Applying to these universities is a piece of cake and depending on your capabilities you will get selected.

Are online courses regulated by any authorities?

Yes, they are regulated in each college or university just like all other normal courses. In Dubai the authority is Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and they have top regulatory standards.

So if you wish to pursue an interior design course in Dubai, definitely go ahead and pursue your passion and dreams.



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