Simple Interior Design Tips

Whether you have just moved into your dream house or even if you are simply looking for a simple way to breathe new life into your home, there are a variety of interior design tips and tricks that are known by the professional interior designers that are quick, simple and easy enough to do yourself with little cost and very little effort. Interior design tips and tricks don’t have to be complicated in fact you can achieve some stunning results from the smallest little thing. Below are just a few little interior design tips that you can put to use to transform your home into a dream house. Click here to read more info about professional interior designers.

Make small rooms look bigger

Small rooms have a tendency to look cramped or overcrowded a great way to maximise the space in any room and give the appearance of more room is by painting smaller rooms in lighter neutral colours. Using lighter colours in a small room will make the best use of the natural light and give the room much more depth making it appear bigger than it is. You should avoid dark colours in small rooms as this can help to diminish the amount of natural light and make the room look even smaller than it actually is.Read more

Simple Interior Design Tips

Decorative Mirrors Bring More Light

Just like mentioned above, well place decorative mirrors can also make better use of the natural light coming into a room and make it appear larger than it is. If you are looking to bring more light into a room then you can try placing a mirror across from your windows which will instantly pour more light into a smaller room. Decorative mirrors are also a great way of breaking up empty wall space.

Get Creative with slip covers

Looking to transform your living room without the expense of buying a new sofa? Well slip covers are a simple but effective way of changing the look of your furniture to suit your mood. Slip covers come in a wide range of colours and designs so you are sure to find some that are suitable for your room, slip covers are also easy to remove and can also protect your furniture from accidental spills making them ideal to use in a room that is frequently used by active children.

All of these interior design tips are regular used by professional interior designers that usually charge a small fortune for their services, now you can put some of these tips to use in your dream house and give it a fresh new cosy feel.

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