Some easy swaps and props for winter decor


For the ones who live in regions where the climate changes all year round, it is very important to bring minor changes in the interior designing so as to match the varying landscape of that place. This not only gives you a feel of the climate while in the house but also offers a fresh look to the home with changing seasons. However, do not get nervous as you need to use minor things to bring that change. One particularly season is that of the winters as even though its cold and low during this time it can also prove to be extremely fun. Even in a place like Dubai where it is mostly warm and hot and winters are also very short, the interior designers Dubai have used small things to create the effect of winter. Also with slight redecoration you can easily make your home cozy and comfortable while everything outside is frozen and barren. Some of the minor swaps and props that would make your home ready for the winter decor are

  • Play with the colors and add holiday decoration

Winters stand for holidays in most part of the world and the season of holiday is mostly celebrated by the colors red and green. However, it doesn’t hurt to deviate from the main path so try different colors that would complement with these two colors. You can also use some popular holiday interior decoration materials to make that feeling of winters more vigorous. For example, even in a hot place like Dubai the extremely skilled interior designers of Dubai used the Christmas tree to help in creating the vibe of winters and so that the people who are away from home could enjoy this joyous festival.

  • The winter rugs

The use of rugs all over the home could help in creating that perfect coziness required during the winters. It will keep your feet warm and you can enjoy the comfort of the fluffy rugs. You can also play with the colors of the rug so that the whole house looks bright.

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  • Take the help of the nature

The use of plants with bright and beautiful flowers having good fragrances could help in adding the color to the house as opposed to the whiteness outside. In addition to this pebbles and stones will also add a unique touch to your house.

  • Use of whites

In winters the color white is the dominant color and you might want to use some of that color in your homes to add the touch of winter and snow. However,  you should be prudent that this color is not used in excess as it might make the whole decor somewhat restricted and boring.

Thus while winter may prove to be monotonous for many and fun for some, it definitely gives you a chance to play with the interior designing of your home so that it is in sync with the season. While very minor props could be brought in use, there definitely is a lot of potential to do a variety of things for that perfect winter effect!!!


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