Things to know before buying a medical insurance in Dubai

There have been a lot of developments in the past few years in the medical insurance brokers in Dubai. All thanks to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) for their positive efforts. Here we have a few things to know before you buy  a health insurance in Dubai:

  •         Medical insurance is compulsory for a resident of Dubai: having a health insurance for all nationals and residents of Dubai is mandatory according to the law of Dubai Health Insurance. This law is also applicable on every economic area of Dubai Emirates. The employer is responsible for providing the coverage of health/medical insurance to all employees only (not their dependents).
Medical insurance broker in dubai
                                             Medical insurance broker in dubai
  •         Premiums borne by the employer: the premiums of the health insurance are paid by the employer itself. It will not be deducted from the salary of the employee, or their salary will not also be reduced because of this.
  •         Coverage types: according to the DHA rules, there is a specified benefit (minimum level) that is to be provided by every medical insurance plan offered in Dubai. There are two types of plans that cover such benefits including,  Essential Benefits Plan (EBP), which is for all employees earning under AED 4000, and enhanced products plan, both of which are provided by all insurance companies.
  •         Check for any pre-existing condition: according to the new law of DHA, every plan of health/medical insurance should be covering all pre-existing medical issues of an amount of up to AED 150,000, only if declared. After considering the medical history the insurance agent will determine the particular premium for the person to be insured.
  •         Check for maternity cover: Maternity cover and new born cover is mandatory as well as per the DHA rules. Health insurance plans provide AED 7000 Maternity cover for normal delivery and AED 10,000 for Cesarean delivery.

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