Tricks to dress your walls in a creative manner.

Your office means a lot to you, and that is why how it looks should mean a lot as well. Here, we will tell you some very basic but creative ways to dress the parts of your office and literally make-up its walls.

Many people think hanging up their degree certificates and some other things here and there in a random fashion should suffice. Sadly, it does not and the bearings of such a  poorly made up office show up directly on the productivity of the work being done in that very office in a lot of ways. Well, we won’t allow that is happening to you. We won’t promise you results like those delivered by office fit out contractors in Dubai and other big, booming cities but these techniques will sure go a long way:

The Image is Vital:

Think clearly about what exactly you want people to think about you and your work. Do some thinking about your work on your own as well. If you are a company head, an accountant or any other professional of the “formal” kind, stick to soft and not-so-loud colours for your walls and anything you hang on them. Conversely, if you are a photographer, website designer or a fashion person stick to expressive and bright colours for your walls and the things on them.

Go for some Framed Artwork:

Here also the types of artwork you go for should be dictated by the kind of message you want to send out.

The Two Wall Theory:

What you see and what you want your clients to see. Place the things you want the visitors to see on the walls where the visitors’ glances fall upon most often – the wall behind your chair and the wall in front of the visitor. Things that get you going like your family photographs, motivational quotes and pictures should be conveniently placed in a spot where you see it more than anyone else – the front wall. By this logic, the front wall and the wall behind you should become most important ones.

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                             Designing of the wall

 A Calendar:

Never, never ever forget a king size calendar. Again, suited in colour and presentation, to the kind of work you do. Hang it on one of the side walls for the reference of both you and those who visit you.

Bulletin Board:

Many people have it; most don’t take good care of it. Make it pleasant and not an eyesore in your office. Divide it into sections and use the sections to your best benefit.

The Big Thing:

The idea of having one big work of art exactly at the back of your chair is very fashionable nowadays and why should it not be. Everything needs a central piece of attraction, so does your office. Go for it!

Lastly, if you actually can stash away a little bit of cash for the sake of your lovely, beloved office, hire some office fit out contractors.



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