Typography and Colour- Ruling the realm of design

When thinking about designing a website, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The layout of course, how the images and words fit together, and whether they work together. An often overlooked, and even more important aspect is the colour scheme used, and the fonts and typography used when designing the website.


Typography creates the first impression of the website in the minds of the viewer, whether they realize it or not. That is how they perceive the general mood of the article, the readability, and even the user experience. The decision on whether to read a post, or an article, or to just skim it is made subconsciously by the user based on various factors of which typography is one that plays an important role.

Choosing the Right Typography

The text is the most important element of your catalogue design, as it instructs people what to do and how to do it. Choosing the proper typography ensures that the message gets across to your readers enhanced and not undermined.

  • Based on Content

Choose your typography depending on the type of content that you have to deliver. Is it large blocks of content that you need or small labels and shorter sentences? If it is the former, your focus should be on readability; otherwise you should look for fonts with legibility.

  • Number of Different Fonts

Unless you’re an expert, keep it minimal. Try not to use more than four typefaces in one catalogue design.

  • Contrast

When using two typefaces together ensure that they are exactly the same or they are exactly the opposite. The contrast between the typefaces is what will make your catalogue design attractive.

  • Little is More

Limit the use of your favorite flashy typeface to just a heading, and have a more neutral typeface for the rest of the body to make the design shine.


Colour has deep rooted associations with various emotions when it comes to human psychology. Instinct and cultural experience develops these reactions. For example, when we associate the colour ‘red’ with ‘danger’, our body reacts by increasing the blood pressure.

The right colour scheme for your catalogue design will be able to influence your audience deeper than you had realized.

Picking the Right Colours

These are the most commonly used guidelines:

  •        Red grabs the viewer’s attention and is frequently used for warnings, errors and committing to transactions
  •        Green is associated with relaxation and is denoted with a correct response
  •        Blue is the default colour for hyperlinks and is preferably avoided for other text
  •        Yellow is used for temporary information such as notifications


They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but they were sure lying with that one. When it comes to typography and colours, the right combinations can make all the difference. The rules are not set in stone. However, the real beauty still lies in experimentation.


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